65 Hand Crafted Travel Icons

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65 Hand Drawn Vector Icons all about traveling and vacations.

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You will find there such useful transportation icons like a plane, boat, train or a car with a trailer. Or location icons like: sandy beach, forest, mountains or even a tropic island. There are also some memorable landmarks icons like: an Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty.

High quality, hand drawn and vector.
I put a lot of effort to deliver the highest quality product. I start from sketching all the icons on paper. Then I trace them by hand using two, different line width, pens. Next I scan and vectorize them by hand using pen tool in illustrator.

What you can do with them:
• change colors
• mix them together
• scale them without loosing quality as they are 100% vector

What you can use them for? As always the sky is the limit. But this icons will do great:
• on your blog
• small, local travel agency website
• as an illustration for a travel related article
• on banners and ads

Package contains ai, eps, pdf, png and png@2x for retina screens

Demo / Download

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