Postcard Font



The Postcard is a typeface with round corners and sophisticated handwritten touch. It will bring charm to your artwork, while retaining a good design taste. It is natural and sincere, not childish.

It works perfectly, from wedding invitations and inspirational quotes, to logos and handwriting simulation on letters or notebooks.

Over 200 glyphs cover all usual Latin based languages. Add the Postcard to your font arsenal, and ready for inspiration!


The key goal of Postcard font is to bringing emotion and personality in projects which should keep legibility and elegance. Calm and beautiful handwriting without exaggerated characters or cheesy details.


Because of it’s double (regular/handwritten) nature, the font has proven to be successfully used in wide range of project types (logos, book design, wedding invitations and many more)


The font is based on author’s personal handwriting, so it’s absolutely unique.


Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, wide set of punctuation and additional characters cover most Latin based languages.

Demo / Download

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