The Vector Brush Toolbox

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The Vector Illustrator’s Brush Kit for Adobe Illustrator is a collection of 6 Illustrator brush packs.

Here’s What You Get

  • VectorFuzz – 32 sponge and ink scatter brushes that make it easy to recreate the textures of mid-century children’s books.
  • VectorHero – 40 ink pen brushes that make it easy to achieve the same kinds of strokes illustrators used in mid-century commercial illustration work.
  • VectorSketch – 40 pencil and charcoal brushes achieve the impossible, getting realistic pencil strokes in Illustrator!
  • VectorTone – 35 halftone and line textures created from a $200 ’50s army surplus catalog. Easy to use. Just grab the blob brush and paint halftones and lines like magic!
  • Drygoods – 23 chalk brushes inspired by chalkboard art and sandwich board signs from the ’30s.
  • InkWash – 30 ink and water brushes make it easy to add a wash of color and shading to your work with the swipe of your mouse.

Demo / Download

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