Benedicto – Church, Fundraiser, Non Profit and Multipurpose Theme

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Benedicto – Church, Fundraiser, Non Profit and Multipurpose Theme

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Total 9 Custom Post Types

    • Causes Custom Post Type
    • Sermon Custom Post Type
    • Ministries Custom Post Type
    • Events Custom Post Type
    • Staff Custom Post Type
    • Projects Custom Post Type
    • Documents Custom Post Type
    • Gallery Custom Post Type
    • Sliders Custom Post Type

Header Option(s)

    • Fixed/Sticky header menu option.
    • You can set your Header Menu transparent from theme options in Full width Slider Settings
    • Widget area created in Header to make the content more flexible.
    • Options to Select or Unselect Search Box in Menu.
    • Upload Logo in Header
    • Option to Expand the Header and Option to Make Menus Transparent.

Header Menu Settings

    • Option to Show Fixed or Sticky Menu.
    • Option to Show Home Icon in the Header Menu.
    • Option to Enable Search Box in Header Menu
    • Theme Options for Menu Background Color
    • Theme Options for Menu Hover Color.
    • Options for Header Menu Typography.

Footer Option(s)

    • Footer Divided into 2 Rows
    • Row 1 Further Dividedinto 4 Coloums each coloumn representing a widget area in WP admin.
    • Footer Menu: Secondary Menu option in Footer.
    • Footer Copyright: Theme Options Controlled Copyright Text.
    • Right Bottom Widget Area in Footer Bottom
    • Footer Background Color settings from Theme options.
    • Footer Typographical Settings from the Theme Options.
    • Option to Show Full Width Footer from Theme Options
    • Option to Display Donate Button in Footer.
    • Option to Display Audio Bar in Footer.
    • Option to Display Copyright Text.

Unlimited Color and Fonts Option(s)

    • Unlimited Color Schemes
    • Entire Google Fonts API Included.
    • Fonts are Controlled by easy, organized and Hassle Free Theme Options.
    • Content Background Color, Header Background Color, Footer Background Color – All Controlled from Theme options.
    • Various Widgets have their Own Color Pickers, thus making them Independent from Theme Options Settings.

More than 35+ Custom Coded Widgets with Multiple Layout(s)

    • Widget Action Button with URL Re Direct.
    • Widget Banner: To Advertise or Make any Annoucement and Much More.
    • Widget Build Drop Down List.
    • Widget Button Tabs extensively using Fontawesome.
    • 5-6 Widgets Dediated for Causes(or Fundraising) with Multiple Layout(s).
    • Widget Donate Form that makes Fundraising Websits Versatile.
    • Recent and Top Donations Widgets.
    • Widget For Custom Donation that helps in accepting anonymous Donations.
    • Amazing Donation Form Widget that makes the Theme versatile for Fundraising(Fundraisers).
    • Widget Ministry Combo with Multiple Layouts. This wil Help Power Church and Religious Websites.
    • Widget Sermon Combo with Multiple Layouts. This will help Power Church and Religious Websites.
    • Widget Project Combo and Widget Document Combo that Gives a sharp edge for Church, Fundraising, NGO
    • Widget Custom Menu & Custom Text.
    • Widget Event Calendar With Once Click Modal Box Detail.
    • Widget Event Sliding Dater with Timer.
    • Widget Event Combo with Multiple Layout(s).
    • Widget Project Combo with Multiple Layout(s).
    • Widget Staff Combo with Maultiple Layout(s).
    • Amazing Grid Layout of Staff to show case Staff(or Volunteers or Pastors etc) Members.
    • A Unique Grid Widget,Which Uses FontAwesome Extensively.
    • Widget Video that helps Embed Videos from Various 3rd Party Resources such as, etc.
    • Much More>>

Unique Grid Widget and its Awesomeness

    • This Widget Extensive Uses Fontawesome Icons
    • Set Title, Text and Link in Widget
    • This Widgets has its Own Unlimited Color Picker thus Independent of Theme Option(s).
    • Can be used by Fundaraising(Causes or Fundraiser) Websites
    • This Unique Grid Widget makes it highly Useful for Lawyer Websites.
    • Can be used to Show Case Portfolio or Services in Grid Version.
    • Non Government & Non Profit organization can use it Multiple Purpose
    • This Widget iss Highly Responsive in Various Layouts and sidebars of the Theme

Awesome Sticky Audio Bar in Footer

    • Letures
    • This is a Unique Feature for Sermon & Church Websites.
    • Drop Down Menus to Liten to Different Audio Files Uploaded to the Server.
    • Transparent Background of the Sticky Audio Bar.
    • Website Visitors can download Audio Files on One Click.

Amazing NewsLetter and Social Widget

    • Just Put Your Aweber List Name and NewsLetter is Ready.
    • Just Put your MailChimp API Key and List Id. Its all set you have a full working subscription Form.
    • FeedBurner NewsLetter-Just put your Feedburner ID and the newsletter will be working with Feedburner
    • FeedBlitz NewsLetter – Just put your FeedBlitz ID and the newsletter will be working with FeedBlitz

Paypal Integrated For Payments

    • Paypal Integrated.
    • Just write Your Paypal Email ID in theme Options. Its all set!
    • ON/OFF Option to Keep Paypal in Production Mode.
    • Choose the Currency Option from a Drop Down.
    • Select a Return Page for a Fundraiser.
    • Select a Return Page for Events.
    • Option to Take One Time or Recurring Payment.


    • Sliders Integrated with the Theme.
    • Full Width Slider Option for Front Page.
    • Thumbnail Slider Options for the Front Page.
    • Classic Slider Option for the Front Page.
    • Option to Choose Slider Layouts from the Theme Options.
    • Manage Slider Speed from the Theme Options.
    • Option Show Next Pre arrow control.
    • Option to Show Caption Text.
    • Option to Show Donate Button or Action Button.
    • Option to set Caption background Color with Unlimited Color Scheme available.
    • Theme Options to set Caption Background Opacity.
    • Show Slider Content Either by Post Type or by Post id’s.
    • Select Sliding Images from Slider type or any Custom Post type.
    • Set the Total # of Image Slides from Theme Options.
    • Total 4 Slider Layout Options available for Custom Post Type Pages.

Wow Feature: Real Time Payment Statistics

    • The Theme comes with Real Time Payment Statistics.
    • Options to Filter Events and Causes(or Fundraiser)
    • Filter in form of Dater to select last 7 days, Months or a Date Range
    • Full Detailed Statistics Board with Circular Progress Bar to show Payment Statistics.
    • Buyers/Payers/Donors/Event Bookers Detail Included in the Statistics Board.

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