Qarvic Typeface



Introducing QARVIC TYPEFACE a simple and beautiful font made with persistence and passion. QARVIC typeface have a unique character when compared with the others sans serif font, it has two types of letters are plain type and type grunge and it also has an outline QARVIC icon characters.

QARVIC typeface is suitable for simple logo design, website header, wedding design, badges, menu fonts for website. to design fashion, and others who have a minimalist and simple concept.

Product Content :

  • QARVIC regular (OTF & TTF Format)
  • QARVIC italic (OTF & TTF Format)
  • QARVIC Bold (OTF & TTF Format)
  • QARVIC Grunge regular (OTF & TTF Format)
  • QARVIC Grunge italic (OTF & TTF Format)
  • QARVIC Grunge Bold (OTF & TTF Format)
  • QARVIC Icon (OTF & TTF Format)

Features :

  • Character uppercase and lowercase
  • Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard)
  • Accents (Multilingual characters)
  • Outline Icon set A-z 0-9 (62 glyphs)

Demo / Download

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