MetroBots Font Family



MetroBots is a fun loving, non-traditional font-family made from big city skies, the long, tropical morning shadows of ancient ziggurats and entire pueblo apartment blocks nestled into the steep cliff-sides of sage-topped mesas in south-western deserts.

This is a solid, (slightly wacky) display font family of five fonts, borrowing from the solid heft of good old-fashioned wooden building blocks and the look and feel of pixilated pueblo architecture. And, of course, with a bit of the not-so-subtle expressiveness of a comical robot on a WD-40 high on the side.

The MetroBots family contains 5 fonts; MetroBots Ultra, MetroBots Dieline, and MetroBots Chromatic, a set of three layered fonts, all with extensive language support.

Demo / Download

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