FlowerType for Illustrator

Graphics, Layer Styles


Create beautiful Typographic Floral Layouts easily in Illustrator! Gorgeous pieces of artwork using flowers and lettering are all over Pinterest, but they looks so complicated to achieve and out of reach for most designers.  Yet they are super easy to do if you have the right resources.

With FlowerType for Illustrator you get a toolkit to make your own. Each flower has been expertly image traced from the original FlowerType for Photoshop and converted into a symbol library so all you have to do is drag and drop the flowers onto your artboard and within minutes your creating designs that you never thought possible.

Here’s what you get in FlowerType:

  • 6 Yellow Flowers
  • 4 Blue Flowers
  • 14 Pink Flowers
  • 4 Purple Flowers
  • 5 White Flowers
  • 11 Pieces of Foliage
  • Drag & Drop layouts using the Symbol Libraries
  • Landscape & Portrait Example layouts
  • Image Trace settings so you can make your own flowers
  • Instructions PDF

Demo / Download

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