Cosmopolitan Script Font



Cosmopolitan is a script face that knows how to hold its own. Big and bold, but not afraid of a flourish, it’s the typographic equivalent of getting old gramps to whittle you a doily with his penknife. And it’s everything you hoped it would be.

Cosmopolitan was first cut by Morgans & Wilcox Manufacturing Co. in the 1890s.

The font includes two weights: regular and distressed. The regular weight is a clean, precise redraw which captures the contours of the original wood type. The distressed weight is a rendering of the textures of the letterpress proof itself, warts and all.

Cosmopolitan was drawn from 9.5-line (114 point) wood type. It is a display face, and is best used at larger sizes.

Because wood type was created for headlines, fonts of wood type rarely have extensive character palettes. The characters pictured below are the historically accurate glyphs represented in this font.

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