76 Rainbow Foils

Graphics, Layer Styles


Add brilliant colors and texture to your designs in 1-click!

This kit is packed with the following:

  • 76 unique rainbow foil layer styles
  • BONUS! Each foil comes in a large and small texture, for a total of 152 foils! The small texture foils are different than the effect you’d get from scaling the large foil down. Small foil = same size colors as large foils | large foils scaled down = scaled down texture and colors.
  • 100% seamless pattern files for all foils (152)
  • 100% seamless high res jpgs of all foils (152)
  • Instructions to load the styles and patterns
  • Handy style guide

Apply these stunning foil textures to typography, vector elements, patterns and more with one-click! Create colorful posters, wall art, social media posts and more! Your designs won’t just stand out, they’ll jump out! To see all of the foils, click on the preview images and scroll down, there’s 3 foil preview pages. This kit includes a few subtle foils for when you want a softer effect, but most are very colorful to amp up the visual effects. In the first preview images of the foils, you’ll see a few at the top that don’t fall squarely in any category. All of the foils are grouped in categories, so you can quickly find what you need. The high resolution jpgs of each foils were created at 2000px x 2000px @300dpi RGB, so the colors are brilliant! You can also convert the high res jpgs to CMYK for print use.

RGB VERSUS CMYK The styles and patterns in this kit are RGB, which give the most vibrant colors on-screen. The standard color mode when printing is CMYK. You can’t get the same vibrance of color you see on-screen when you are printing, though you can get very pretty colors by using a quality printer and paper. If you’re printing at home, you do not have to change your document to CMYK. If you’re sending your files to a professional printer, you have to change your document to CMYK. If you create your document as CMYK you don’t have to make any changes. It just takes a moment to convert to CMYK, the steps are included in the instructions.

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