Gordita Typeface



Gordita is a minimal sans serif typeface with a geometric foundation that has been built upon with modern details that result in an optically balanced, friendly typeface. When designing Gordita referring to features in Futura were influential as were the structural and harmonious strokes of Gotham.

Forms have been optically compensated to appear natural and purely geometric. Joints are slightly tapered and ink traps feature in heavier weights with the purpose of achieving maximum legibility. Gordita has been tested in print and on screen in a wide range of point / pixel sizes.

The family is equipped with OpenType features including alternate glyphs, fractions, case sensitive forms, small figures, arrows and symbols.

Delivered in 5 weights with matching italics that slant at 15°. The italics are slightly lighter and narrower than the upright versions. The horizontal weighting in the italics have been reduced to compensate for the loss of vertical stroke thickness.

With support for over two hundred languages with an extended Latin and Cyrillic character set, Gordita is ready to be put to work. Designed by Thomas Gillett, metrics and engineering by iKern (Igino Marini).

• 5 weights, 2 styles — 10 fonts • Italics • Alternates • Ligatures • Case sensitive forms • A wide range of symbols & arrows • Supports extended Latin and Cyrillic

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