8 Hero images for website

Graphics, Product Mockups


Beautiful “header”/hero images pictures for you next BIG web project with replaceable Smart Object screen for Mac Book Pro centerpiece.

Demo / Download

8 Pictures to choose from. From 10 objects (including main Mac Book pro replaceable screen centerpiece) to “basic” 5 object picture. 2 variation for top objects.
Take your pick!!

It also print ready at 300 dpi, if needed.
NOTE: Those are real photographs, not 3d render (as is)

Items included on pictures:
1) Pen
2) Jot pen
3) iPad mini
4) Magazine
5) Spectacles
6) Tray
7) Brouchure
8) Magic mouse
9) Watch
10) Wallet
11) Pencil case
12) Pencil

Demo / Download

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