Smarty Planty – Plant life creator

Graphics, Product Mockups


Customize pots with your designs, create themed plants and plant monsters, generate authentic wooden text and logos, you can even hang objects from branches.

Save your Smarty Planty creations on a transparent background, or bring in your own background image to compose a mock-up or design.

Create photo-realistic

  • Mock-ups
  • T-shirt designs
  • Header images
  • Print designs
  • Unique wood logos
  • Editorial graphics
  • Web graphics
  • Themed invites
  • Brand mascots
  • Stationary
  • ……….and more

Smarty Planty has a set of time saving features – including Smart Object bendable branches, and one click actions for pot swapping and plant lighting. Auto vanish layers remove foliage and any part of a trunk that extends past the pot base, no trimming required. Plants can be re-shaped with the foliage palette, or add a little color from the flowers palette.

Apart from creating custom and themed plants, Smarty Planty includes:

Monster Maker

Create your own unique plant characters with Smarty Planty monster making parts. Bring your plant to life with a few simple mouse clicks. Smart object limbs allow quick rotation of shoulders, elbows, and hands, to get that perfect plant pose. Use your monsters in any project – from t-shirt designs, to green branding, or as advertising mascots.

Wood Lathe

Creating wooden text in Photoshop that looks convincing has always been tricky. With the Smarty Planty Wood Lathe, making realistic wooden text has never been easier. Quickly turn text, shapes, and logos into natural looking wood in minutes, not hours. Combine the wood text with plants, foliage, and branches, to form eye catching organic designs. Wood Lathe is a powerful yet simple to use tool to compose beautiful display fonts, logos, illustrative designs – the list is endless.


Looking for a creative way to showcase photography or design work? Smarty Planty Dangle allows you to hang practically anything from string. Place your own photos in the smart object Polaroid’s, or use the pegs, bulldog clips, and string loops to hang your own objects. Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to quickly shorten or lengthen the string.

Demo / Download

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