Fontforecast’s Ink Favorites Font Selection


Fontforecast’s Ink Favorites is a carefully curated selection of 25 modern calligraphy fonts. Lots of character, flair and attitude contribute to this must-have-toolkit. The one common factor is ink, which makes these fonts easy to mix and match.

Dip pen, Folded Brass Pen, Bamboo Pen and Brush were used to draw the characters. Tools that each make their own typical strokes. From elegant to sturdy, all styles are bundled in this collection. Most of the 25 fonts come from font families with multiple faces that were designed especially to complement each other. Those complementary styles can easily pair up with other font families in this bundle. If you’re in the business of labeling and packaging design, designing cards, invitations, books, posters and what not, this bundle is a definite must-have!

You will need an OpenType Savy application to acces all swashes and extra characters. A Quick Guide is included.

Demo / Download

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