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Convert more of your traffic to leads by using intelligent overlay popups and smart targeting.

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Are looking to grow your website’s conversion rates? If so, you’ll want to check out 40Nuggets. 40Nuggets brings you intelligent popups–delivered as user-friendly lightboxes–that will grow your mailing list, drive leads to sales, and achieve other business goals. You’ll have full-control of your popups while benefiting from built-in intelligence, A/B testing, and advanced segmentation tools. Above all, 40Nuggets’ popups will enhance your site-visitor experience while bringing you the results you need – and no coding required!

Overlay popups are a powerful way to turn more of your traffic into leads. However, most of the popover tools on WordPress are largely one-size fits all, meaning that your popover is only appropriate for a small percentage of your traffic. In many cases these popups serve to annoy your visitors, rather than convert them.

40Nuggets is different. It provides you advanced segmentation tools, so you can customize messages to specific pages, specific visitors types, and more. Moreover, it puts algorithmic intelligence at your finger tips: with the check of a box your popup’s timing will be adapted to the behavior of each and every user, giving you a huge competitive-advantage in conversions, while preserving the customer experience of your site. Moreover, 40Nuggets comes with built in A/B testing–the test is managed automatically–so that you will always be a improving.

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