Kayto Script Font + Extras


Kayto Script is an exploration in pointed brush calligraphy. It’s an interpretation of modern brush calligraphy that combines cursive writing with the East Asian calligraphy flair.

Kayto is made with a real brush and held perpendicular to the paper so the brush can twist and turn freely to follow the movement of the hand. This technique gives a natural gesture and energetic look to the strokes.

Kayto has a unique rhythm of brush pressure to generate the thick-and-thin strokes.. the beating heart of brush calligraphy. Instead of the mechanical thick-and-thin strokes like the regular calligraphy, Kayto is written with a lot of variety of pressure that is somewhat melodic but still conform with the discipline.

The result is a script that feels personal and characterized with lively energy. And just like handwriting, every letter in Kayto script is crafted with many varieties of glyphs and ligatures to make an unlimited combination of personalized lettering.

Because of its natural letterforms, Kayto Script is best suited to complement anything that is earthy or has nature as the ground. Erwin, the calligrapher, has used Kayto in many of his watercolor illustrations. Another ideas are wedding names on invitations or place cards, logo for any natural products, inspirational quotes, business cards and the list goes on.. but in the end, if you wish for something personal and truly one of a kind then Kayto script the one you want.

What’s included :

  • Kayto.OTF & TTF
  • Kayto Hand.OTF & TTF
  • Kayto Sans.OTF& TTF
  • 4 Doodle theme (Love, Coffee, Mountain & Space)
  • Multilingual Support & Over 600+ Glyph

Demo / Download

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