Didonesque Lite – 16 – font family


Didonesque Lite is a 16-font family inspired by classic Didone typefaces that are synonymous with luxurious brands and fashion and beauty magazines. These professional quality fonts are both highly versatile and elegantly stylish. Didonesque has been designed specifically to be used for headlines, logotype, branding, packaging, and short runs of text.

Distinguishing features include slight curvature to /v/w/y/ characters and a higher x-height combined with shorter ascenders and descenders than traditional Didone fonts.

The full versions of Didonesque contain over 750 glyphs and utilise Open Type features.

This Creative Market exclusive package contains 16 fonts:

  • Didonesque Display
  • Didonesque Display Italic
  • Didonesque Roman
  • Didonesque Italic
  • Didonesque Medium
  • Didonesque Medium Italic
  • Didonesque Bold
  • Didonesque Bold Italic
  • Didonesque Black
  • Didonesque Black Italic
  • Didonesque Poster
  • Didonesque Poster Italic
  • Didonesque Roman Condensed
  • Didonesque Medium Condensed
  • Didonesque Bold Condensed
  • Didonesque Black Condensed

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