The Tribal Box – banner font


The Tribal Box is a sans-serif condensed font surrounded by a frame that includes OpenType ligatures system for creating multiple banners and frames, tattoo style.

The Commercial version includes:

  • Latin Extended-A. 631 glyphs. OTF & TTF
  • 45 banners sets= 2.025 combinations.
  • 17 ornamentes and dividers.
  • 11 style unions for banners and frames.
  • The Tribal Box can be used unlimited for both Commercial and Personal projects.
  • The download file includes a PDF with the complete guide of keys.
  • OpenType features compatible with: Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, Indesign, M. Word.
  • OpenType Functions: Inferiors, Superscript, Superiors, Initial Forms, Contextual Alternates, Fractions, All Alternates, Subscript, Denominators, Titling alternates, Localized Forms, Numbers Small Caps, Historical Ligatures, Historical Forms, Numerators, Ordinals, Standard Ligatures, Ornaments, Extended Fractions, Scientific Inferiors, Discretionary Ligatures, Slashed Zero.
  • Use ligatures, Bitcoin symbol: (b#)
  • Basic keys for ornaments and banners: () [ ] { } | ¬ _ • * ~ ´ ` ¨ ^

Demo / Download

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