Easy Lullabye logo branding font


Easy Lullabye is a double fonts with implementation of fast handwriting with a marker and bold tough sans-serif style that you’ll love to hate (edit : hate to love). Perfectly fit for your casual logo, branding, wedding stuff, crafted stuff, or anything when you need a double pairing casual fonts but still chic, you’ll never go wrong with them.


  • Easy Lullabye Script : A loose casual handwriting script font from the marker stroke but as fast as you signing a million dollar contract. It got a Stylistic Alternates and Ligatures feature to make the handwriting feel more realistic in your design.
  • Easy Lullabye Sans : A tough and bold sans-serif font to be the good husband for the Easy Lullabye Script. You can type it small and far spacing under the Easy Lullabye Script to make a chic yet casual logo, or you can type it big and use Easy Lullabye Script stacked in the front of it bigger, to make a stand out or shout out words. Yes that’s one of the cheat sheet i told you for working with these kinda font (no need to thank me of course, its all yours 🙂
  • Easy Lullabye Swash : Some people needs an underline or maybe a fancy underline to finish the quote of every words that they wrote. And that’s what it came for, you can mix it up under your design with it. type it from A to T and you can get so many good swash on it.

Demo / Download

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