Makeup Script Font


Expressive hand-made typography to design sentences with high textured impact; has 4 creative tools.

Do you want to be able to calligraphy well? STUDY. Do you want to be a calligrapher? PRACTICE. Want to produce good ideas? PUSH YOURSELF. If you practice for hours every day, those hours will turn into years, but for many, to think in years of study and practice is too long, since most want everything instantaneous and few want to cultivate skills related to calligraphic patience.

Makeup was born in the midst of this type of reflections about countless themes about art, beauty and calligraphy. All the ideas that revolve around makeup parade through its insightful and solitary design, lover of instant and fast writing for graphic design related to food, household goods, fashion, etc. CFCG. teamwork by Carolina Suarez & Illustrations by Eder Salas.

In that order of ideas Makeup offers the following tools:

• Makeup Script (238 glyphs): It is a script with vibrant fleeting strokes that form capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and character sets and extended punctuation for Central, Eastern and Western Europe.

• Makeup Alternates (238 glyphs): Offers new script possibilities, different from uppercase, lowercase, numbers that work at the beginning or end of words, in a way that your design will look more real and calligraphic.

• Makeup Swashes (238 glyphs): These are tiny script letters that reinforce the idea of fast binding between handwritten letters that will fill your design or concepts with power and expressiveness through multiple textured contours.

• Makeup Extras (80 glyphs): Here you’ll find over 70 exciting, hand-crafted decorations that are ideal for underlining your ideas written in Makeup.

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