Bawakaraeng Handmade Font Combination


Bawakaraeng – is a combined font that is inspired from one of the mountain names in south sulawesi. Like a large mountain, this font contains 6 Typefaces and 3 Swashes.

What’s included ?

  • Bawakaraeng Brush
  • Bawakaraeng Display
  • Bawakaraeng Script 01
  • Bawakaraeng Script 02 Clean
  • Bawakaraeng Script 02 Rough
  • Bawakaraeng Script 03
  • Bawakaraang Swash Brush
  • Bawakaraeng Swash 02 Clean
  • Bawakaraeng Swash 02 Rough

It is suitable for branding projects, logos, product packaging, posters, invitations, greeting cards, titles, blogs and more.

Demo / Download

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