T-Shirt Design Master Collection

Graphics, Product Mockups

As t-shirt designers, we need to have the right tools to save time and get top quality results. This is the Ultimate T-Shirt Graphic Design Toolkit.

MOCKUP TEMPLATES (64 Different Mockup Templates)

  • Men’s T-Shirt Mockup Templates
  • Women’s T-Shirt Mockup Templates
  • Thrift Shop: Vintage T-Shirt Mockup Panels
  • T-Shirt Squares

TEXTURES (562 Different Textures in Multiple Formats – Illustrator & Photoshop)

  • Ink Stamp Automator
  • Plastisol: Vintage T-Shirt Textures
  • Plastisol 2: Vintage T-Shirt Textures
  • Time Machine Textures
  • Bad Photocopy Texture Template
  • Bad Photocopy Textures (the original)
  • Inside Out: Reverse Print T-Shirt Textures
  • Overspray: Gradients
  • Analog Halftones
  • AquaColour Bleeds
  • Bitmap Textures
  • Bitmap Textures: Fabric
  • Gritty Halftone Spot Brushes

LOGO TEMPLATES (25 Different Logo Templates for Photoshop & Illustrator)

  • Vintage Workwear Logo Templates

MORE DESIGN RESOURCES (For Illustrator and Photoshop)

  • Dry Marker
  • Analog Shapes

FULL LENGTH T-SHIRT DESIGN COURSES (3.5 Hours of Instruction, Tips & Techniques)

  • T-Shirt Design Workshop 01: Foundation
  • T-Shirt Design Workshop 02: Mixed Media


  • 11 Product Tutorial Videos Showing how to use the textures & templates

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