120 Hand Crafted Bistro & Restaurant Icons

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120 Hand Drawn Vector Icons all about food, bistro and restaurant and of course takeout!

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You will find there various meals icons like: chinese takeout, pizza, hamburgers, pasta, sushi and salads. Desserts and drinks as well as food preparation icons. Some super useful for takeout restaurants bags and boxes as well as delivery icons. And many other, extremely useful icons for your local restaurant website, like: menu, envelope, reservation or localization.

High quality, hand drawn and vector.
I put a lot of effort to deliver the highest quality product. I start from sketching all the icons on paper. Then I trace them by hand using two, different line width, pens. Next I scan and vectorize them by hand using pen tool in illustrator.

What you can do with them:
• change colors
• mix them together
• scale them without loosing quality as they are 100% vector

What you can use them for? As always the sky is the limit. But this icons will do great:
• on your blog
• on local restaurant website
• flayers
• restaurant related article
• on banners and ads

So go ahead buy them now and start using to create tasty and friendly looking designs.

Package contains ai, eps, pdf, jpg, png and png@2x for retina screens

Demo / Download

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