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Get the most extensive ad manager and start making money with your website. Add and manage the ads from the dashboard and show a random banner, or multiple, on your site.

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Easy management from the dashboard allows you to quickly oversee, add and edit banner code or renew/delete and add new ads. Preview banners when editing them.

AdRotate supports unlimited groups for banners allowing you to tie certain banners to different areas of the website. On top of that with GeoLocation you can tie adverts to certain areas of the world.

AdRotate makes managing your adverts easy with it’s easy to use dashboard. AdRotate looks and feels similar to the dashboard you already know, so you’re already familiar with AdRotate before you’ve even started. The well thought out menu structures and features make advert management very easy and straightforward.

Some Features

  • Super easy management of ads and groups of ads
  • Automated Javascript cycles of ads with Dynamic Groups
  • Have your advertisers add/edit/manage their own ads
  • Geo location for adverts
  • Detect ad blockers in browser and nag visitors about it
  • Works with Google Ads and most other referrer/ad servers
  • Get push notifications right on your iOS or Android device about adverts
  • Get email notifications when your ads need you
  • Perfectly suited for any size of advertisement, including 125×125, 468×60, 729×90, 160×600 and much more
  • Simple to use stats so you can follow which ad is working the best, worst
  • Daily and monthly stats
  • Couple ads to users so that user can follow his personalized stats
  • Advertisers can easily contact you from their dashboard
  • Track how many times a banner is clicked and show it’s Cick-Through-Ratio
  • Put random, or selected, banners in pages or posts
  • Preview banners on edit
  • Advanced time schedules and restrictions
  • CSV Exports of statistics
  • Multiple groups per banner location
  • Unlimited widgets
  • Adblocks (blocks of banners)
  • Auto disable ads after X views / clicks / period of time
  • Warns you on the dashboard when ads are about to expire
  • Use shortcodes, widgets or PHP to put ads on your site

Demo / Download

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