Mucho Gusto Font Family


This font family was created specifically for food industry and would look great on menus, restaurant logos, recipe cards. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for other industries: check out how Mucho Gusto looks on product packaging, mugs, photos on the preview.

Mucho Gusto is a well-rounded handdrawn script font created with round brush and ink. It has dancing baseline and because letter size vary it’s very active, powerful and noticeable (yet easy to read). Mucho Gusto has full set of lowercase alternates (so you can imitate lettering) as well as tons of ligatures.

Mucho Gusto has extensive language support – besides latin and most of European languages it has cyrillic characters, so you can type in Russian.

Besides “normal” script font Mucho Gusto family have two symbols fonts. You can use this fonts as you do any other fonts – just when you type for example “a” you will see a catchword or illustration that corresponds to the symbol. The chart with all symbols and corresponding letters is included.

You’ll get:

  • MuchoGustoScript.ttf
  • MuchoGustoScript.otf
  • MuchoGustoScript.woff
  • MuchoGustoScript.woff2
  • MuchoGustoExtras.ttf
  • MuchoGustoExtras.otf
  • MuchoGustoExtras.woff
  • MuchoGustoExtras.woff2
  • MuchoGustoDoodles.ttf
  • MuchoGustoDoodles.otf
  • MuchoGustoDoodles.woff
  • MuchoGustoDoodles.woff2

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