Scandinavian ink design creator

Graphics, Illustrations

Children will love this stylish and original set with funny animals and 200+ elements. All illustrations have been painted by hand with ink and carefully transferred into digital format.

The creator includes more than 100 illustrations on several topics:

  • animals – dog, cat, deer, lion, elephant, tiger, bears, llama, rabbit, fox and others
  • people – portrait of boy and girl
  • nature – trees, sun, moon, clouds, stars
  • flowers and plants
  • insects
  • houses and transport
  • abstract doodles
  • set of ink numbers and alphabet

There are 20 black and white patterns perfectly suited for decorating children’s room and things for children, as well as 20 colored patterns in pastel pallete,12 milestone baby cards and 10 posters.

What’s inside:

  • 87x PNG black doodles 5000*5000px + 87x SVG with vector version
  • 20x PNG seamless monochrome patterns 5000*5000px + 20x SVG vector
  • 20x PNG seamless color patterns 5000*5000px + 20x SVG vector
  • 12x PNG milestone baby cards 5000*5000px + 12x SVG vector
  • 10x PNG black posters A4 format + 10x SVG vector
  • 26x PNG black alphabet letters 5000*5000px + 26x SVG vector
  • 10x PNG black nimbers 5000*5000px + 10x SVG vector

Demo / Download

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