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Create MULTIPLE, ROTATABLE TopBars that will be shown at the top of your website. TopBars are selected by a variety of options – includes scheduler!

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What is a TopBar? It is a special message/image that you can show at the top (or bottom) of your website. WP-TopBar allows you to create an unlimited number of TopBars. They are cacheable and randomly selected based on the criteria you select, including start time, stop time and more. You can provide a weighting to skew selected TopBars to show up more often. It is super-duper customizable, even easy to add your own PHP and CSS.

You can create an unlimited number of TopBars that:

  • Have their own color, CSS styling, and buttons (for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.)
  • Have a bacground image
  • Have a close button
  • Have a re-open button that shows after a TopBar is closed
  • Have custom CSS or PHP that is executed with each TopBar. Of course, that can be super dangerous if you enter PHP code that is invalid — you could break your website. That option should only be used by Advanced Swimmers only.

You can have the Plugin show only oneTopBar or display every valid TopBar that you’ve create (they are rotated in and out).

TopBars can be:

  • Scheduled based on time
  • Shown only for mobile, non-mobile or all users
  • Shown only on the home page — or not shown on the home page
  • Shown only for certain categories — or excluded from certain categories
  • Shown only on certain Pages — or excluded from certain Pages
  • Shown only when the user scrolls the page down
  • Given a Priority — to ensure that more important messages are shown more frequently

The TopBars are always statically created to take advantage of caching plugins.

Want to create a lot of TopBars — you can copy the existing ones with just a few clicks. Know SQL? You can even export the TopBars in three different formats (JSON, CSV or SQL). Sorry, no support is given if you import directly to the database.

Here is a crazy-long list of options you have for each TopBar — and this is not even complete!

  1. Enable/disable the TopBar without disabling the plugin.
  2. Place the TopBar Above the Header or Below the Footer
  3. Amount of time (in milliseconds) for the TopBar to appear. Enter 0 for no delay.
  4. Amount of time (in milliseconds) for the TopBar to take to slide down on the page. Enter 0 for no delay.
  5. Amount of time (in milliseconds) for the TopBar to stay on the page. Enter 0 for the TopBar to not disappear.
  6. Pick the date/time for the TopBar to start showing.
  7. Pick the date/time for the TopBar to stop showing. Of course, it must be after the start time. Select 0 for the TopBar to never disappear.
  8. Whether to show the TopBar for logged in users, not logged in users or all users.
  9. A lot of CSS options — and even a way to enter your own CSS in
  10. Retrict the Topbar to show on only certain pages (or to not show on those pages)
  11. Retrict the Topbar to show on only certain categories (or to not show on those categories)
  12. Add social buttons to the TopBar
  13. Add a Close Button
  14. Option to execute your own PHP or CSS code before (or after) the TopBar is created
  15. Has explicit support for qTranslate — translates the top bar text fields and link field.
  16. You can have unlimited number of TopBars — the plugin randomly selects one (based on individual weightings) to show
  17. The TopBars are generated in such a way to support cacheing (e.g. W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache)

Demo / Download

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