Stylish Charm Brand & Logotype Font


Presenting the new fashionable “Stylish Charm” chic handwriting script font with 90 pre-made branding logos with stunning textures perfect for any branding in web or print.

“Stylish Charm” contains over 140 handwritten connecting ligatures and a full set of lowercase alternates to look your writing more natural. When you will be use Opentype features this font will look as natural handwriting also you can change the lowercase letters.

This font has also featuring built in Beginning and Ending swash letters to look your writing to next level. All of the logos are made using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with Opentype features and all the elements are vector in each logo. So there is nothing to lose!!! It doesn’t matter how much you enlarge any logo.

This font can be used as web font, commercial use is allowed for unlimited projects and sales under standard license.


aa ab abb ad af al am an and ar arr art as ass at ath att au bb be bl cc ch ck ct dd dl ds ea ed ee ef el en end ep er err es ess et eth ett ex ff fj fl ft gb gg gh gl he hot id ie if iff il im imm in ink ion ip ir irr is ish it itt ks ld le lf lk ll ls me men ment mm mn ne nl nn not nt ob od of off om on oo op or orr os ot ott ou out outh ov pp rr sa sh si sk sl sm sn so son ss st ta ten th that the to tt tu uff ug ui ur ut uth yl Ch It Pa Ph Pl Sl Sm St

All the discretionary ligatures are made to look your writing as natural writing with ink pen, they are more decorative in nature so you are ready to make something amazing with this font very easily.


  • Stylish Charm.otf
  • Stylish Charm _Italic.otf
  • Stylish Charm _Swashes.otf
  • 90 Premade Branding Logos (Ai, PSD, .eps and JPEG)
  • 30 High quality 300DPI textures
  • Help file with font installation, using and license terms
  • PDF Character maps for all fonts
  • PDF Photoshop help file for Logos
  • PDF Illustrator help files for Logos


If you need beautiful logo design with the shortest possible time, you are at right place. All of logos are just perfect for any photographers, interior designers, fashion and beauty stylists, small boutiques, marketers, online bloggers, any event planners, wedding photography, florist artist, fashion boutiques, beauty artists and any businesses. All of the logos are made to ease of use.


Stylish Charm – is suitable with most standard serif and sans serifs. You can see the premade logo examples how nicely they are matching. No one will be better than you when you’re are easily matching them.


All swashes as made as font! Just select the swash font and type A-Z or a-z to get the swashes, very easy to use. No special software required.

Demo / Download

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