Howards Font Family + Extras


Howards Font Family includes 9 fonts that have different styles from each other but at the same time perfectly paired when used together create your best design with this font for any purposes suck as t-shirts, sign, sticker, logos, poster design, magazine, mark, and others. This is essentially 9 fonts being released together instead of separately. 9 Fonts, 300+ Vector Illustrations, Badges and Labels and 50 Logo template.

Include in Pack:

  • Howards One TTF & OTF
  • Howards Two TTF & OTF
  • Howards Three TTF & OTF
  • Howards Four TTF & OTF
  • Howards Five TTF & OTF
  • Howards Six TTF & OTF
  • Howards Seven TTF & OTF
  • Howards Eight TTF & OTF
  • Howards Nine TTF & OTF
  • Extra I Vector Illustration AI & EPS File
  • Extra II Vector Badges & Labels AI & EPS File
  • Extra II 50 Logo Template With Editable Text AI & EPS File

All the designs and contained in the poster use Howards font family!

Demo / Download

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