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Introducing the Unleash Handwritten and San Serif Duo, a modern and edgy font duo. This font duo includes a handwritten san serif paired with a bold and clean all caps serif. Put these together for the perfect font pairing to use for logos, brands or headings.

This purchase includes 4 fonts:

1. Unleash Handwritten Regular – An edgy handwritten script that contains upper and lowercase characters, number 0-9 and a range of punctuation and symbols. If you have any trouble finding certain characters you can access them via the glyphs panel.

2. Unleash Handwritten Alternative – This is a set of alternative characters to Unleash Handwritten Regular. You can use this font by itself, or use it to replace some characters when using the Regular style, especially when using the same letters frequently. This helps to break up the words, change the shape of the words and make the font look more handwritten.

3. Unleash Handwritten Ligatures – This is a set of ligatures that will work with the Handwritten fonts. These can be used when you have two of the same letters next to eachother to help make the font look more handwritten. Type a-z lowercase to see the available ligatures, or access them via your glyphs panel.

4. Unleash San Serif Regular – A bold, clean and modern all-caps San Serif. This font is great for headings and pairs perfectly with the Unleash Handwritten.

Fonts are provided in .TTF and .WOFF

Demo / Download

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