Build Your Own Greenhouse

Graphics, Illustrations

A collection of hand painted flowers, wild plants, pot plants, and leaves for making a fabulous summer or winter greenhouse. All the graphic elements were drawn in acrylic technique and perfectly compatible with each other. We also included splashes and spots in the collection, which can be used as fireflies, stars, flying pollen or just decoration elements.

The collection includes three different designs of the greenhouses. Each greenhouse has two variations of frame: a hand-drawn frame style and a geometric frame style. You are able to choose what frame style better fit your current or future project – e.g you can use the greenhouse geometric frame style for adding some texture: paper, gold, cupric etc.

Each greenhouse also has its own brick substructure and an inner background. Experiment with the background colors, frames, and decor elements. Monochrome colors work great with the other colorfully painted pieces. In addition, you can change the color of the plants and leaves and use them as the second layer of a garden composition.


Transparent PNG format (300 dpi):

  • 34 x flowers, plants and leaves, approx from 2000 x 2800 px to 400 x 500
  • 3 x greenhouses (hand-drawn frame style) with inner backgrounds, approx 2800 x 3200 px
  • 3 x greenhouses (geometric frame style) with inner backgrounds, approx 2800 x 3200 px
  • 3 x brick substructures
  • 8 x garden supplies (plant pots, a ladder and a stool)
  • 10 x petals
  • 2 x butterflies
  • 19 x splashes and spots
  • 5 x snow cover elements
  • 2 x backgrounds, approx 3500 x 5000 px
  • 2 x text frames, approx 2300 x 600 px

Layered PSD (Photoshop) format:

  • 5 x fully layerd PSD files with all the graphics elements (Flowers and Plants, Greenhouses, Garden Supplies, Decoration Elements, Backgrounds)


  • All the graphic elements are raster images, 300 dpi
  • All files are in RGB color output mod
  • Software compatibility: Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or another photo editing software
  • You purchase a zip archive (use special utilities to extract files from the archive)

Demo / Download

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