WANDERLUST – Custom Map Creator

Graphics, Illustrations

Wanderlust is very easy to use. Just like any graphic collection, you can drag and drop icons on the map, combine them with text to tell your story. The icons help you tell your story, your very own illustrated map of your last vacation, honeymoon, trip etc. The perfect gift for family members and friends, also your clients will enjoy this idea.

There are various ways in which you can use the Map Creator:

  1. To create custom map posters for family, friends, clients
  2. To create illustrated maps of countries and use them as wall art, as well as using the elements by themselves or combined to create more posters and fun wall art designs.
  3. For beautiful destination wedding stationary and honeymoon memorable posters.
  4. School projects for kids
  5. Logo designs and branding
  6. For blogs and websites.

The Wanderlust contains:

  • 12 maps of countries in png format and high resolution
  • 1 world map in png and high resolution
  • 100 watercolor icons
  • 23 watercolor backgrounds and splashes
  • 2 watercolor paper textures.

Demo / Download

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