Custom Scene – Artist Ed. – Vol. 1

Graphics, Product Mockups


Custom Scene allows you to create your own scene quickly and easily.

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Isolated Objects:
Each object in this scene is split into separated layers. That will give you the freedom to change the size, position, rotation or even hide the object from the scene.

Using Photoshop’s technology, each object is a smart-object, allowing you to transform each object non-destructively.

Dynamic Shadows:
Would it make sense if the shadow remained the same while moving and rotating an object? Of course not! Dynamic shadows will do the job! Using Photoshop’s Global Light, each object has it’s individual shadow that will change direction depending on it’s own rotation. Also because this composition is using Global Lighting, it’s easy to change the direction of the light of the whole composition!

Custom Scene Artist Edition Volume 1 includes the following list of objects:

• 5 x Brushes
• 2 x Pencils
• White Pencil
• Graphite Pencil
• Oil Base Pencil
• 2 x Small Jar (Customisable Color)
• Water-colours Tray
• iPad Air
• Cactus
• Black Coffee (with no sugar)
• Spiral A5 Sketchbook

All Custom Scenes include 10 filter effects to create unique composition and a lighting correction layer to improve your lighting scene. It also includes a background layer to easily change your backgrounds.

Notice: Because this PSD includes several layers and works at 6000×3000 at 300dpi, in some machines, editing could go very slowly.

Demo / Download

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