Mon Amour Watercolour Design Set

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Mon Amour – Watercolour Design Set – Hand Painted Watercolour Flowers

This pack includes individual floral elements that have been hand painted using watercolours. The bright colours are perfect for cheering up any occasion. They could be used to created Wedding Invitations, Greeting Cards, Wrapping Paper, Bags and much more!

The set includes ready made floral arrangements, ready made floral frames/borders, a seamless pattern as well as all the individual elements for you to make your own arrangements and patterns.

With this collection i have also included a 4 minute Video Tutorial to show you how i edit my watercolour paintings ready to put into my digital packages!


-Total of 43.PNG files, 41 .PSD files, 1 .MOV file

-20 Individual Elements (Extra file – purple flower also included as High Saturation Image)

-10 Floral Arrangements

-6 Floral Frames/Corner Borders

-1 Floral Heart Arrangement

-1 Pattern Tile

-1 Pre Made card design that can be printed and cut out

-1 Video Tutorial on my editing process. Video is a .MOV file and is 4.28 in length

All images 300dpi .PNG format with transparent background. All files are also included as .PSD file with transparent background

Demo / Download

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