Quiche Sans Font Family


Quiche Sans is a high-contrast, sans serif typeface with monoline stroke endings and angled stems. A sibling to the Quiche family with the ball terminal endings removed. With weights ranging from thin to black and matching italics, there are a variety of applications that the fonts can be used for: print, web, branding, advertising, magazines, products, packaging, labels, etc.

The design is influenced by the serif didone genre, characterized by its elegance and extreme thick/thins, but it removes the serifs for a unique and modern expression and tapers out the stroke endings to a sophisticated monoline appearance.

Quiche Sans has many OpenType features, including:

  • Stylistic alternates
  • Swash capitals
  • Ligatures
  • Fractions, subscripts, and superscripts

14 OpenType .otf fonts included in purchase:

  • Quiche Sans Thin (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Sans Light (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Sans Regular (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Sans Medium (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Sans Bold (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Sans ExtraBold (plus Italic)
  • Quiche Sans Black (plus Italic)

This font has extensive Latin language support for Western, Central, and South Eastern European.

Quiche Sans will work great right away with most any software (MS Word, Pages, etc.), but to take advantage of the additional OpenType features, OpenType-savvy software (like the Adobe applications) is recommended. Only the swash capitals are PUA-encoded, the other stylistic alternates are not to help preserve functions like spell-checking, searching, and proper glyphs if switching fonts.

Demo / Download

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