The Holiday Hand Lettering TOOLBOX

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This epic Hand Lettering Holiday Bundle helps you create more art, save you time and keep you inspired this holiday season.

10 Composition Grids to help you lay out your lettering These precomposed grids from Stefan are designed to help you skip the daunting task of coming up with a new composition and instead focus on what you do best: create! You can either print these out, draw them into your sketchbook, or open them in Photoshop or Procreate. Simply start lettering in the grids and learn how easy composition can be. These are new Grids designed around 10 different holiday quotes.

10 Decorative Procreate Brushes to instantly add a festive touch to your work Stefan created TEN amazing decorative brushes that are perfect for the holidays (but also great for later in the year too). You’ll get: 1x Sparkle Lettering Brush, 2x Frosty, 2x Glimmer, 2x Snowflakes, 1x Little Star, 1x Branch and 1x Xmas Dust.

3 Merry Mockups to seamlessly show off your holiday lettering on social media Want Instagram-worthy photo styling without the hassle of setting it up & shooting it all yourself? Lauren styled and photographed three magical holiday scenes for you to drop your lettering into and share on your social media or website in a matter of minutes. Each scene comes with multiple variations in drawing tools (pencils, markers, and brushes) and both female and male hands.

20 Coloring Pages designed by Stefan Need to relax and take a break from the holiday stress? Grab one of the coloring pages and unwind with a hot cup of cacao and set your mind at ease by simply filling out a page. Or if you want to give your kids something to do while you work on your designs these coloring pages will occupy them till you got everything done.

The Guide to Crafting Unique Holiday Phrases Want to help your work stand out from the millions of other holiday lettering pieces this December? Learn how to write more unique phrases! Lauren built her entire business on this, and for the first time ever…she’s put together a 5-page PDF guide that outlines her process! This guide will teach you how to brainstorm holiday phrases that feel fresh, relevant, and, most importantly, authentic to you + your brand.

A Selection of 40+ Holiday Quotes Not in the mood to write your own phrases? Don’t let that stop you from creating. We hand-picked a bunch of our favorite quotes and compiled them into a resource so you never have to look far for festive things to letter.

These tools will be your secret weapon for creating holiday cards, gift tags, decorations, and presents that your family and friends will cherish. Okay, fine, they’ll also totally step up your holiday lettering Instagram game too.

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