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This plugin allows you to create League Tables in your posts, pages, custom posts or widget areas.

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A league table, standings, ranking chart, ladder or leaderboard is a chart or list which compares sports teams or individuals, institutions, nations or companies by ranking them in order of ability or achievement.

A league table may list several related statistics, but they are generally sorted by the primary one that determines the rankings.

Key Features

Sortable Columns

You can sort your league tables by multiple columns, for example you can sort a soccer standings by Team Point as a primary key, by Goals Difference as a secondary key, etc. ( maximum 4 keys ). Your league table can also be sorted live in the front end of your website, your users will be able to sort your league tables by clicking on the column header.

Customizable Colors

You can set the colors of your league tables with an easy to use color picker, all the table parts are customizable, Header Border Color, Header Font Color, Header Background Color, Even Rows Font Color, Odd Rows Font Color, Even Rows Background Color, Odd Rows Background Color, Rows Border Color, Subject Link Color.

Responsive Tables

This plugin generates responsive tables with the property table-layout equal to auto, but if you have too many cells or too many content with a small container ( let’s say 10 cells in a phone ) the width of the container might be not enough to contain the full table, in this case you can hide specific columns with the options available in the Tables menu.

Extremely Easy to Use

You don’t need to understand how tables work in terms of html and css, an easy to use editor is available in the Tables menu.

Uses Shortcode

When your table is ready you can include it in your posts, pages, custom posts or widget area with a simple shortcode that includes an identifier of the table.

Do I need League Tables in my blog?

League Tables can be used for an unlimited number of purposes, some examples:

Pricing Tables, Ladder Tournaments, Financial Data, Lists of Achievements, Products Comparison, Match Statistics, Soccer Standings, Basketball Standings, Rugby Standings, Hockey Standings, Tennis Rankings, Formula One Standings, Nascar Standings.

If your purpose is to list the best albums of 2014, the best laptop computers in Amazon, the best WordPress Themes available in ThemeForest or the best of whatever you want, you need a League Table!


Premier League Standings

Responsive and sortable league table with links and images.

Premier League Standings created with League Table

NBA Standings

Multiple responsive league tables with images.

NBA Standings created with League Table

Intel Price List

Responsive league table with links.

Intel Price List created with League Table

Top Financial Advisers

Responsive league table with no links and no images.

Top Financial Advisers created with League Table

Top 50 UK Universities

Responsive league table with no links and no images.

Top 50 UK Universities created with League Table

A Healtcare Cost Comparison

Responsive league table with no links and no images.

A Healtcare Cost Comparison created with League Table

Demo / Download

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