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Block Bad Queries (BBQ) helps protect WordPress against malicious URL requests.

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Block Bad Queries (BBQ) is a simple script that protects your website against malicious URL requests. BBQ checks all incoming traffic and quietly blocks bad requests containing nasty stuff like eval(, base64_, and excessively long request-strings. This is a simple yet solid solution that works great for sites where .htaccess is not available. The BBQ script is available as a plugin for WordPress or standalone script for any PHP-powered website.

Features include

  • Plug-n-play functionality
  • No configuration required
  • Born of simplicity, no frills
  • Blocks a wide range of malicious requests
  • Based on the 5G/6G Blacklist
  • Scans all incoming traffic and blocks bad requests
  • Works silently behind the scenes to protect your site

Demo / Download

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