Atomic Age Print Pack

Graphics, Layer Styles


Get All The Most Popular Atomic Age Print Effects Without Leaving a Single PSD File

Demo / Download

The Atomic Print Pack lets you harness this era. This professionally produced Smart PSD makes it easy to create this effect. Just paste your black design work on one layer (clearly marked in the file) and your color background on another. Save the file and like magic you have the effects you see above.

Here’s some of the notable features of the Atomic Print Pack:

• Get rich, inky black halftones like fresh news print.
• Get ink soaked textures that overlay your halftone work for a breathtaking effect.
• Get rough edge bleeds just like the old presses.
• Newsprint background color can easily be changed.
• 100% non-destructive. Make changes to textures, bleeds and aging on the fly.
• Never leave the comfort of one Smart PSD file!

Plus, when you buy now you’ll get 2 FREE bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Atomic Age Refill Pack ($7 value – yours free)
A collection of 7 additional textures you can drop into the Atomic Print Pack. Increase your customization options with ease.

Bonus #2 – 7 Atomic Halftone Brushes ($7 value – yours free)
7 high-resolution halftone brushes (average size is 1200 pixel radius) that make it easy to add halftone textures to your work even if you’re not using the Atomic Age Print Pack. Halftone textures were taken from large areas of gray in vintage newspapers.

Demo / Download

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