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Retro Textpress is a set of 20 Graphic Styles for Adobe Illustrator that enables you to apply retro text effects to your designs with just one click. But the magic doesn’t stop there. All styles are easily customizable allowing you to use each one as a template for creating your own unique effects. Simply fire up the Appearence panel and tweak the attributes to get exactly the look you want.

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Also included is 18 seamless patterns & textures designed to compliment the styles and help you to create designs with an authentic aged look.

Summary of what’s included:

• 20 Graphic Styles for instant retro text effects
• 8 seamless line patterns
• 10 seamless textures

Files and formats:

• 1 AI Graphic Style Library containing all 20 Retro Textpress effects
• 1 AI Swatch Library containing 18 seamless patterns and textures
• 1 AI file featuring usage examples of Retro Textpress’ Graphic Styles
• 1 AI file containing the original vector patterns and textures
• 1 RTF file containing links to resources that will help you to get started
• 1 RTF file featuring a list of the fonts used in the usage examples file

All accompanying images were created using the resources available in Retro Textpress. No outside patterns, textures or styles were used. What you see is what you get.

Demo / Download

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