Top 10 Best New Fonts For October 2014

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Top 10 Best New Fonts For October 2014

1. Veryberry Script Font


Veryberry is a handwritten font with a unique character. Full of open type features, is best used in a open type aware software. Most diacritics included and the font can be used with most of the european languages.

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2. Graceful Font


Graceful is a script typeface with a combination of formal and personal touch. Suitable for vintage themed design, wedding invitation, greeting card, label / insignia, etc. It comes up with a bunch of alternate characters which can be used to make an attractive message.

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3. Thankful Complete Font Family


Thankful Complete is a super family, comprised of 8 handmade sub-families that compliment each other charmingly.

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4. Sickamore Bold Marker Font


This is a bold marker-pen style display font, great for headers, logos and attention-grabbing words or phrases.

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5. Boucherie Font Collection


Boucherie captures the lively essence of 19th-century French advertising typography with a collection of original designs, rather than strict historical revivals. Use Boucherie to create typographic compositions that are at once fresh and familiar.

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6. Citronela font family


Citronela is a font family designed by Carlos Fabián Camargo G. The bubbly character of citronela was born during the design process of flaminia and Naturalia fonts. The multiple alternative letters of citronela allow us to create exuberant logos, phrases and expressive writing with imaginative and tropical flavor.

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7. Regalo Pro Font Family


Regalo Pro Font Family

Demo / Download

8. Paulette Font Family


Paulette is a script typeface, the capital letters are completely unpublished, some of them have a smile-similar ornament (A,F,O,H,Q,B,C,P,G), whereas minuscule letters are inspired to Edwardian font script.

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9. Core Paint Font Family


Core Paint is a texture type family inspired by the action painting created by Jackson Pollock. There are two sub-families named A and B. Core Paint A is a texture font family that has to be used together with others. Core Paint B is a textured font family that can be used solely or together with A family.

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10. Erudite Typeface


Introducing the new Erudite Typeface, This font inspired by vintage style and with font in the 90’s style. so this works well on short words or logos of brands is good for t-shirts, logos, labels, posters and etc. is good for t-shirt, logo, labels, posters and etc.

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