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AnsPress – Best question and answer plugin for WordPress. Made with developers in mind, highly customizable.

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Easily add question and answer section like or in your WordPress. AnsPress is a most complete question and answer system for WordPress. AnsPress is made with developers in mind, highly customizable. AnsPress provide an easy to use override system for theme. List of features:

  • Real time loading, without page reload.
  • Sorting question and answer by many options.
  • Ajax based form submission
  • Theme system
  • Flag and moderate posts
  • Voting on question and answer
  • Question tags and categories
  • Question labels (i.e. Open, close, duplicate) new labels can be added easily.
  • Select best answer
  • Tags suggestions
  • Comment on question and answer
  • Private messaging system
  • Point based permission (under development)
  • reCaptcha
  • User level : Participant, Editor, Moderator (in future it can be customised and you can add your own levels)
  • Email notification
  • User can add questions to his favorite
  • User can edit profile
  • User can upload cover photo
  • Friends and followers system
  • User points system (reputation)
  • User ranking
  • User badge
  • User profile
  • Pages : Tags, categories, users etc.

Demo / Download


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