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Create classic polls and advanced polls with dependant questions.

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CP Polls features:

  • Classic one-click radio-button polls
  • Advanced polls with dependant questions
  • Export results to Excel / CSV
  • Printable list of votes
  • Visual drag and drop form builder
  • Anti-spam captcha
  • Field validation
  • Graphic reports
  • Printable reports
  • Email notifications
  • Automatic email reports
  • … and more features (see below)

With CP Polls you can publish a poll into a page/post and optionally display statistics of the results. You can receive email notifications every time a vote is added or opt to receive Excel reports periodically.

The Polls can have dependant questions, this means that some questions are displayed depending of the selection made on other questions.

More about the Main Features:

  • Votes can be limited to one per user: Poll votes can be limited to one per user based in cookies or IP verification. Can be also set to accept unlimited votes.
  • Interactive questions: The questions can be shown or hidden depending of the selection made on previous questions.
  • All languages supported: Visually configurable/editable for any language.
  • Email delivery / notifications: The poll votes can be by email to one or more email addresses.
  • Poll votes saved into the database: For keeping a record of the received poll votes, generate statistics and export data.
  • Printable list of votes: Get the list of votes received from the poll form within a selected date range and print it.
  • Export data to CSV/Excel: Export the polls data to a standard format that can be used by other applications.
  • Automatic reports: Provide automatic reports of the poll form usage and votes. Report of daily votes and accumulative hourly report. Printable reports for specific fields into the poll. Helps you to understand your data.
  • Automatic email reports: Automatic reports sent to the indicated email addresses on a regular period.
  • Form Validation: Set validation rules to avoid getting empty answers.
  • Anti-spam protection: Built-it captcha anti-spam protection.
  • Drag and drop poll form builder: A basic and easy to use poll form builder for customizing the poll fields and form validation.
  • Customizable email messages: Specify the text of the email notifications. Supports both plain text emails and HTML formatted emails.
  • Multi language support: The poll form builder allows to enter the field labels and validations in any language. It supports special characters.

Votes List

The poll votes list helps to check the previous votes and print or export them. Includes a search/filter form with the following options:

  • Search for: Search for a text into the poll votes.
  • From … to: Date interval to be included in the list/reports.
  • Item: You can have more than one poll form. Select here if you want to get the results of a specific poll form or from all poll forms.
  • Filter: Shows the list according to the selected filters/options.
  • Export to CSV: Export the CSV data according to the selected filters/options.

The CSV file will contain a first row with the field names and the next rows will contain one poll vote per row, with one for field on each column. This way you can easily import the data from other applications or just select the columns/fields that you need. A CSV file can be opened and managed using Excel.

A print button below the list provides the poll votes in a printable format.

The Poll Reports

The reports section lets you analyze the use of the poll forms and the data entered into them. The first section of the reports is a filter section similar to the one that appears in the poll votes page. Below the filters section there are three graphical reports:

  • Votes per day: The report will display in point-lines graphic how many poll votes have been received each day in the selected date range. This report can be used to evaluate the usage peaks and measure the impact of marketing actions.
  • Votes per hour: The report will display in a point-lines graphic how many poll votes are received on each hour of the date; this is for the total poll votes in the selected date range. This report can be used for checking peak hours and focus the marketing actions on those hours.
  • Report of values for a selected field: Select any of the poll fields and other information fields (like date, IP address, hours) to get a report of how many times each value have been selected.

A print button at the end of the page can be used to print the report of the values for the selected poll field in a printer-friendly format.

Automatic Email Reports

The CP Polls plugin allows the setup of two types of automatic (periodical) email reports:

  • Global Email Reports: Can be setup below the list of polls. This report sends a report with the new poll votes of all polls every the specified number of days.
  • Poll Email Reports: Can be setup on the settings page of each poll. This report sends a report with the new poll votes of the related poll every the specified number of days.

The reports are attached in a CSV / Excel file into the emails. In both cases the destination email addresses, email subject, email text and the report’s interval can be specified.

Demo / Download

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