RetroInk – Huge Illustrator Kit

Graphics, Layer Styles


RetroInk is a massive Illustrator pack that gives you tons of graphic styles, textures, and the best-selling RetroLift effect for Illustrator.

Demo / Download

Here’s everything you get when you grab RetroInk:

• 36 graphic styles.
• 8 3D graphic styles with and without shadows.
• 10 subtle texture styles for adding that missing element to your designs.
• 3 double-offset-halftone ink effects (like seen on the RetroInk cover and slide 4).
• 6 retro line actions for repeating lines in front and behind your text (not pictured here).
• 8 offset ink actions. Replicates the slight misregistration of print on commercial printers.
• Highly detailed vector halftone texture. Created from real screens.
• Paint can texture. Gives your work the effect of mechanical ink rollers getting stuck.
• Old ink press texture. Simulates uneven ink rollers in 50’s commercial printer.

This pack was a huge amount of fun to make. You’ll get a lot of mileage out of it and it will save you tons of time in your work.

Demo / Download

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