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MouseWheel Movements Do Not Need to Be Jumpy.

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We want all our websites to be amazing, that’s why we just love adding nifty effects in our sites like:

  • large images,
  • parallax backgrounds,
  • fancy entrance animations,
  • and many more.

However, these effects can sometimes be made less awesome because when your visitors scroll down using their mouse wheel, the screen just jumps down. This is especially harmful to parallax effects, since a jumpy scroll would make the parallax unnoticeable.

This script will make your site cool again by making the scroll movement of the mouse wheel smooth. Even scrolling by pressing the up and down keys are made smooth.

Just activate the plugin in WordPress, and smooth scrolling will be applied to your whole site right away.

Full Feature Set

  • Minimal setup, just activate & enjoy;
  • Optimized, we use a polyfilled requestAnimationFrame to perform the scrolling;
  • Lightweight, only 4kb minified
  • Smart, smooth scrolling will disable itself automatically for touch mobile devices since those already scroll smoothly using Modernizr;
  • A pure Javascript solution, doesn’t require jQuery;
  • Also smoothens up & down key scrolling;
  • Fires the scroll event correctly; and
  • Works in all modern browsers

Demo / Download

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