3D Hero/Header Constructor

Graphics, Product Mockups


A new step in creating cool Hero/Header images. Enough with “from-top” hero/header images everybody using, try this new approach and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Demo / Download

Construct your own amazing custom hero/header images using new trendy, occlusion-style 3D objects Constructor. All objects rendered with alpha channel for easy moving around the canvas.

Create with ease a super cool landing pages in minutes!! Be creative, be different!

No 3D software needed.

• 31 cool office trendy, occlusion-style 3-D objects
• Each object has front right and left sides for easy placement and constructing custom image.
• 7 products with Smart Object layer to insert your own custom design.
• Video tutorial – “How to create your own Hero/Header image”
• PDF with 3d objects for easy choosing from catalogue.
• Photoshop psd Constructor file to help you start with constructing image.

• Hero/header website pages
• Landing pages
• Animated pages or videos
• Promo materials
• Posters
• Brochures
• Millions other things I can’t even imaging

Demo / Download

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