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Turn Visitors Into Paying Customers With This Plugin.

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Boost your conversions of traffic to subscribers, and generate more residual traffic and earnings. WP Subscribe Pro supports Feedburner, MailChimp and Aweber and is a must-have plugin for any blog.

Why you need WP Subscribe for your site NOW!You do all these things to bring visitors to your websiteBut did you know, over 70% of visitors who leave your site will never return? You still have a chance to turn those visitors into customers. By using WP Subscribe Pro!Core FeaturesYou don't have to be a coding genius to use WP Subscribe Pro. Just install, activate and go.Show a popup when users attempt to leave your site, giving them another chance to subscribe.Like all our themes, WP Subscribe Pro is fully responsive and works with all MyThemeShop themes.This plugin won't slow down your website, so you won't sacrifice speed for functionality.Feedburner is Google's popular feed management service, and it supports email subscribers, and WP Subscribe Pro works perfectly with it.If you use Aweber for your email marketing, you'll love WP Subscribe Pro, which handles list growth for you.The other big player in email marketing is MailChimp, and of course, we added support for it with WP Subscribe Pro as well.Match your theme design, or make WP Subscribe Pro stand out, with unlimited color options for the design.Thanks to the clean, handwritten code, WP Subscribe is optimized to be lightweight, fast, easy to use and yet still powerful.WP Subscribe Pro is compatible with the leading SEO plugins, so you can optimized your SEO and gain more subscribers at the same time.Don't worry about caching plugins breaking your site when using WP Subscribe Pro, they have been all tested to work with it.The design is eye-catching and attractive, and as we mentioned, it's customizable to match your site.You can display WP Subscribe Pro in a sidebar widget, so you can generate subscribers in multiple ways besides the popup.You can choose a variety of different animated effects for the popup display, increasing user attention to it.Control how quickly, how often, and when a popup subscribe box should display, to find out what gets the most conversions for your traffic.You can add custom HTML or use our shortcodes in the WP Subscribe Pro popup box, further enhancing customizability.Configure how long the cookie lasts, so you can control exactly how often users see the popup asking them to subscribe.If you make a major change or want to show the subscribe box to all your visitors again, flush the cookies and they will all expire immediately.You can display the subscribe box in posts, and choose if it is displayed before the post content or after.Before saving your changes and going live, you can preview the popup and make sure it's displaying exactly how you want.Choose exactly what you want your popup box to say, and see what wording increases your subscriptions the most.If you don't want to display your popup immediately, you can choose to have a small delay before it shows.Don't want to display the popup or subscription box over or within certain posts or pages? Simply exclude them with our easy to use feature.If you don't want to display your popup immediately, you can choose to have a small delay before it shows.Options Panel

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