Ariadne Font Family



Ariadne is a handwritten font family full of open type features such as ligatures, swashes, ornaments, catchwords etc. : Ariadne Script, Ariadne Sans, Ariadne Sans Condensed. Multilingual support.
The Ariadne family is best used in an open type aware software.

Demo / Download

To use the ornaments: make sure you have “standard ligatures” feature enabled, type “orn0″ …”orn10” – the letters will be automatically replaced with ornaments uniE000-E010.

Catchwords: for, to, at, in, on, this, the, with. If you need something else as a catchword – please send a request.
To use catchwords: type “space”, a catchword and then “space” again. Select all, enable discretional ligatures in the open type panel.

Demo / Download

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