InstaGlam PSD System: Glam+Gold Foil

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InstaGlam is a whole creative system that works together effortlessly and allows you to take anything in photoshop and instantly apply gold and glam styles. Not only that, you have millions of options, but it’s NOT overwhelming. You simply play the action and you can easily toggle between 162 base textures, move them around effortlessly for different effects and color them with a click to suit your design.

Demo / Download

ALSO, you can also paint directly in ‘gold and glam’. You simply run the action to prepare your ‘canvas,’ then pick one of the 100+ dynamic photoshop brushes (or use one of your own favorites) and start drawing and creating. You get to see your effects INSTANTLY as you paint, and (so cool) change at any time between 162 base textures and change the color with a click… and all of this non-destructively!!!

This is the Complete InstaGlam Photoshop System and includes all of these InstaGlam products:
InstaGlam Brush Studio
InstaGlam Texture MegaPack
InstaGlam Gold+ Silver Styles
….. plus the MAIN InstaGlam actions that you can only get in this complete collection!
☞ Now virtually SEAMLESS! Apply or paint on any size design without having to adjust A THING!

Full details of this one-of-a-kind photoshop system:

♥ AutoMAGIC Actions Set
– One click actions for instant Gold, Silver, Color, Neutral or Copper Glam with 162 texture options
– Change color at any time. If you ran the gold action, you can change to silver with a click of a layer
– Allows you to quickly change color, tone and texture on your glam styles or brushes
– Non-destructive adjustment layers are added
– Run the paint actions to prep your canvas to instantly paint in glam with the brilliant brushes

♥ InstaGlam Brush Studio: 100+ Dynamic Photoshop Brushes
– Uses the brush tool presets to make paint style, dynamic brushes
– You can edit the size of the brush
– You’ll need a pressure sensitive pen/tablet to get the thick to thin strokes on some of the brushes
– Use any brush in any color in any of the 162 glam textures
– Right now brushes are compatible with CS5+, but I will have a CS4 compatible version later today!

♥ A pattern collection of 162 unique, gorgeous and glam textures
– The source pattern collection allows you full creative control
– Now virtually SEAMLESS! Make any size design without having to adjust a thing!

♥ 648 Simply Stunning Styles
– I took ALL of the textures and created a one-click layer style for them
– ALL 162 unique textures are now a layer style in both GOLD AND SILVER
– As if that’s not enough, I made styles for WEB AND PRINT so you do less style pattern re-sizing
– No more clicking a style and have it look wonky because of the % issues, I got you!

♥ Full Size Texture Pack
– Now you can have the original textures I created as 6×6 inch, 300 dpi jpegs
– 162 gold tone metallic textures saved as handy jpegs (pngs for transparencies)

Quite simply, InstaGLAM designer toolkit contains everything you need to add beautiful glam, gold and metallic styles to your designs effortlessly, but without sacrificing FULL creative control and edit-ability.

Demo / Download

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