Creative Couture Collection F/W 2014

Graphics, Layer Styles


With this collection you are able to play an action to apply the styles, and it creates a layer group that allows you to effortlessly toggle between 215 styles, and tailor the color to match your design. Not only that, you have iridescent, jewel and gold leaf overlays.

Demo / Download

The Creative Couture Collection includes:

♥ Creative Couture Pattern Collection:
– 215 seamless couture patterns, 161 completely unique patterns, NOT just colored differently
– A variety of dark and light patterns to allow for different style intensities
– The source pattern collection allows you full creative control
– SEAMLESS! Make any size design without having to adjust a thing

♥ AutoMAGIC Actions Set
– One click actions to apply the styles
– Allows you to quickly change color and texture on your couture styles
– Non-destructive adjustment layers are added
– Run the paint actions to prep your canvas to instantly paint in the couture styles

♥ Jeweled Brushes: 50 NEW Dynamic Photoshop Brushes
– Uses the brush tool presets to make dynamic brushes
– BONUS: 100+ InstaGlam Dynamic Art Brushes
– You’ll need a pressure sensitive pen/tablet to get the thick to thin strokes on some of the brushes
– Use any brush in any color in any of the textures

♥ Do you make illustrations, templates or printables for sale?
If you are going to use this kit to create design items for RESALE, such as templates, illustrations or printables, you need to pick up one extended use license before you start hitting all your templates and resources with this unique styles.

While this Creative Couture kit takes out the guesswork and makes it almost 100% effortless to create gold and glam designs, you should have a basic knowledge of photoshop and be comfortable with using actions, patterns and brushes before you purchase this amazing creative kit!

Demo / Download

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