Mid-Century Print Pack Photoshop Actions

Actions, Graphics


The Ultimate Collection for Getting Any Vintage Print Effect

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Here’s what you get in the bundle:

Ink offset effect that lets you choose which color to offset.

Photo Baker
Creates the hard to achieve 50’s illustrated photograph look in under 20 seconds.

Halftone action that lets you choose the color and size of the dots.

A subtle (yet mind blowing) ink plate starve effect.

The Blacksmith
Get a subtle roughen ink effect that you can customize!

Here’s just a few of the effects you can get with the Mid Century Print Pack:

• Offset ink effect resulting from film-to-plate misregistration.
• Ink plate simulation resulting in ink pooling slightly in center.
• Rich black petroleum based ink halftone effects (like those in newspapers and catalogues).
• Subtle roughening of edges from ink soaking into pulp based newsprint.

Demo / Download


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